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My Character

Name: Callum

Age: 29

Ocupation: shop worker

What matters to you in the up coming election?: education

How many electoral votes is the stat you live in worth?: 55

How does you state normally vote?: democrat

Who do you plan to vote for?: Joe Biden

Could you be president your self one day?:NO

How powerful do you think your vote is?: a lot because 1 vote is like 1 more step for the person to win the election vote


Can you tell me a bit about your self?:Hello I’m Callum my job is working in a shop it’s pretty fun all you have to do is just sit in a chair and just scan the shopping

How do you feel about tomorrow‘s election?: nervous because I want Joe Biden to win if he does win it would be cool

Why should people vote tomorrow?: to change polices because Donald Trump is really mean and strict and I don’t agree with his polices

How powerful do you think your vote is?: powerful because 1 vote is 1 step closer for Joe to win the election vote

Can you explain why people might not vote?: Well you need to be over 18 to vote so a lot of might be under age a bit

Woud you ever be president?: NO because you get hate if someone does not like you it’s embarrassing and awkward and also I don’t think I am ready to rule a country

How do you feel about the voting system in Americ?: I think it is fair and easy all u need to do is just press a button to vote and ur vote will be submitted to whoever you have voted for

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