The American Election by majestic_lion

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Hello im Holly, i'm nineteen and i'm a vet. I love animals so i'm worried about climate change.

I feel nervous about the upcoming election because i'm worried about climate chang and Donald Trump won't help it.

People should vote in the upcoming election because voting gives you power and if you dont vote you lose power.

Some people won't vote because there under age and you have to be over eighteen to vote . Some people also might not vote because they cant get to a voting station.

I would not run for president because it's too stressful and I have a fear of public speaking. I also spend most of my time caring for animals.

I think the american voting system is confusing because it has two stages of voting the popular vote and the elctoral vote. I think it should just be the popular vote.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    09 Nov 2020

    Well done for giving developed sentences in your Final Piece- it helps explain your character's point of view!

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