The American Election

Interviewer: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Vanessa: You might know me as the most famous star but anyways I'm the one and only Vanessa Ryans; you've probably seen me on red carpets, in movies, series and so on.Remember I'm a star. Which means I'm rich and sucessful.You won't be like me honey so dream on. I'm 32 and I don't think you know that because I look so young. Don't I? I have a husband named Oscar he's a SUCESSFUL business man, a son named Christian and a daughter named Glimmer. ( I chose these fabulous names. They're both actors and models.) And of course my brother- no sister uhhh sister what's her name again? Wasn't it Vale? Yeah we aren't talking about Vale the other sister the: disapointment. She's so shameful.

Interviewer : It was Valeria.

Vanessa: Oh yes Valeria!Yeah she's the only one in the family who lacks a little talent. I wonder how she even got fame?She's just so dumb!Goodness knows how she ended up in the Ryans family at least Vale has brains and became a lawyer.

( Our family is not proud of it.)

Interviewer : Enough about yourself.

Vanessa: Ughhhh fine. I'm going to sue and fire you after this anyways.

Interviewer:How do you feel about tomorrow?

Vanessa: Oh! I feel sooo confident cousin Donald is going to win! And I totally agree with my niece Ashley if he doesn't win he's gonna be a disappointement to this family even his daughter Ashley said so. Haha! Such a shame Donald's talent will go to waste. Oh! I forgot every failure in this family will get forgotten and thrown away. Hope Donald isn't a failure.....

Interviewer: Can you tell me why you're voting for your cousin Donald Trump?

Vanessa: I'm voting for him because education is important or else you will never be as sucessful as me honey.Like I can't stand beggarsand what's worse is even they got education they never have anything to do with their life. Get a job!Wait no- something that is even more important. IMMIGRATION. I want to keep building the wall.

People should vote for Donald because it's their future President sooo they should vote it matters or you could just vote for Donald or at least watch him win and climate change is not real if it was we'll be able to see it BUT WE CAN'T. SO THERE!

Interviewer: How poweful is do you think is your vote?

Vanessa:My vote is extra powerul cause I know people in high place and everyone wants me on their side. I mean like who doesn't know me?

Interviewer: Me.

Vanessa: Your outrageous!

Interviewer: Why don't a lot of people vote?

Vanessa: They don't vote because they are bored that the Republican winning (even though they are the best) and the Ryan family are only winners.

Interviewer: Could you run for president one day?

Vanessa: Of course I COULD but no. I don't want to waste my money on peasants they can work for it themselves like who can't work for it? (Except the poor.)And I'm too busy being a celebrity you wouldn't understand...

Interviewer: Is the American voting system fair?

Vanessa: OF COURSE the voting system is fair. Is this even a question? Unless Biden wins of course. Remember you'll never be like me.


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