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Hello. I'm Katy Blakburn and I'm a 26 year-old DJ and songwriter. My state is a swing state. I feel nervous that Donald Trump might win again. Everyone says he's a star but is he really?

I think that people in America should have the right to vote for the president because one vote can make a difference. I will be voting for Joe Biden because I think America needs a change of the government and the politics. I am not sure that Biden will win though because everyone thinks that Trump was a very sucessful president, but I think differently. Was he such a good president because if he was would there be such a thing as the BLM protests? My vote is very powerful because I live in a state with 55 electoral votes.

I think world healthcare matters most in the election especially right now. Trump claimes to have Covid which makes me think that the will be a very important topic. I also think that the enviorment would be another good topic because it is important to look after our planet.

I think some people might not vote because it is a tricky decision this year. Would Trum be allowed to run because he has Covid, or would Biden win anyway?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    19 Oct 2020

    A well-written Final Piece. I especially like how you have developed your ideas and hypothesised about whether who you want to win will actually be successful. The examples you use are a good use of the speaking skill. Well done!

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