The American election!!!

Hero US Election

Hello I am jovial_eel

Here I am going to represent some of my thoughts about the American election.

I actually feel quite worried about the American election because if Donald Trump wins, America will not have a good enviroment he also killed hundreds of people by telling people to bleach thier food, so it would kill the virus but it didn't.

I think people should vote because they deserve to and they are a part of America .

I also think that my vote would be very powerful because I would like to be a doctor an I am important.

I think people don't chose to vote because they can't chose.

I could run for president but it would be very stressful.

I don't think the American voting system is fair because you need to stay in America for 14 years

but I think if you stay there for a few years it would be fine.

I personally think Joe biden should win because he want's to help schools earn money

wanted to make more visitors come to America.

Earn more money for the enviroment.

help peoples education.

Please tell me who you want to win down below in the comments and why.

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