Should there be no electoral votes?

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Should electoral votes be cancled?


Some people think electoral votes must not change because it doesn't make sense to change it when it has happened for years. Plus others want to be looked at like a very big and supreme state to the other states. They also say it can be a good system because every little vote counts so it can be a very efficent way of voting.


People want it to go away because just if a state doesn't have much popularity doesn't mean it is good at voting. It is unfair too because some states are so low and others are so big. It must be changed because the people are getting belittled by their number of votes they have.

My Opinion:

I think it should be cancled because it isn't fair if people has greater popularity or not. If it did change in any way then Donald Trump would have lost and the people might be pleased that they have got a fair president that would help in any way the president could.

What do you think: Should electoral votes be cancled or not?

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