Should the terms and conditions for the american election change?

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Hello, emotional_night here and I would like to make this post about whether the terms and conditions in the american election change and I hope you find it interesting.

Yes the terms and conditions should change:

  • Yes the terms and conditions should change because it could mean every bodys' vote is equal(electoracal votes)
  • It could mean every one can and has a chance to vote
  • You only have to have lived there 4+ years rather than being a citizen

No the terms and conditions should not change:

  • It is perfectly fine as it is
  • no body complains
  • not every one is bothered about the rules

My opinion:

I think some of the rules should be changed because it is not all completely fair, but on the other hand it is true that not every body complains.

Thanks for reading...

emotional_night xx

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