Session two: democracy

In the last session you thought about the power of presidential candidates. In this session you'll think about the democratic act of voting and if it gives power to all people. Please don't look ahead if you haven't done the session yet in the classroom, as that'll ruin the fun!


This week, everything from the session is contained in the PowerPoint below. Work through each slide, having a go at the activities and questions as you go. When you get to the game with two teams, you can play against yourself: try being the blue and red team and see which one wins!

STEP 2 - optional challenge activity!

Imagine you are a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Predictions suggest they have 247 electoral votes. To win the election, they need 23 more. Look at the fictional states on slide 13 in the PowerPoint.

Which state will your campaign target?

  • Other than events, what could you do to make yourself more popular to the voters in this state?
  • What could you promise these voters?
  • If you became president, how could you ensure you stay popular with these voters?
  • Which states / voters will you pay less attention to?
  • Does this give some voters more power?

Over to you!

Head to the comments section below to share some of your thoughts on the activities and see what club members in other schools think. As it's week one, why not browse the homepage and see what else you can find?

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