Session one: power

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How would you explain the word power?

  • Can you give some examples of power?
  • Is a world without power possible?
  • Is it fair that some people have more power?

Definition: power is when a person or group of people can influence others and / or control their actions. Some people have more power than others. There are many different reasons for this.



Can you order these traits from “adds to your power most” to “adds to your power least”? Make sure you have a reason for your order.

Do this again. This time order them from “most important for a good leader” to “least important for a good leader”.

  • Do things that make you powerful also make you a good leader?
  • Can you think of a powerful person who isn’t a good leader? Or a good leader who isn’t powerful?
  • CHALLENGE: could any of these traits make it difficult to be a good leader? Why?


How much do you know about previous presidents of America? Try this quick higher or lower quiz to find out. Try not to peek at the answers or ask someone else to read the questions to you.

  1. Guess the answer to the first question to get us started!
    How many different people have taken on the role of president?
    ANSWER There have been 44 different people in the role of president.
  2. How many of the previous presidents were from Virginia (very close to Washington DC, where the president lives and works)?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 44?
    ANSWER Lower! 8/44 were from the state of Virginia.
  3. How many of the previous presidents were lawyers?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 8?
    ANSWER Higher! 26/44 were lawyers.
  4. How many of the previous presidents went to Harvard, one of the top universities in the world?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 26?
    ANSWER Lower! 8/44 went to Harvard.
  5. How many presidents were aged 60 or over on the day they became president?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 8?
    ANSWER Higher! 11/44 were over 60 when they became president. The average age is 55.
  6. How many of the previous presidents were white?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 11?
    ANSWER Higher! 43/44 were white.
  7. How many of the previous presidents were Christian?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 11?
    ANSWER Higher! 44/44 were Christian.
  8. How many of the previous presidents were male?
    Is the answer higher or lower than 44?
    ANSWER The same! 44/44 were male.

  • Looking at these answers, what generalisations could we make about previous presidents? Most presidents are...
  • Only certain types of people can become president in America. Can you guess the types?


Read the information and have a go at the questions.



Here are the presidential candidates for 2020.


  • Do they fit the trend?
  • Based on their factfiles, which candidate do you think will be a better leader?
  • Who do you think is more powerful? Why?
  • Do you think everyone is happy to choose between these
  • two candidates?

Over to you!

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  • Hammond School logo interesting_spring | Hammond Junior School A
    15 Sep 2020

    This is a really interesting post thanks I am now really excited thanks.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg brilliant_lobster | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
    17 Sep 2020

    I never new Donald Trump was Christian

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  • Braiswick Primary School buzzing_morning | Braiswick Primary School
    18 Sep 2020

    I did this in school and it was great fun😄.

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  • Hammond School logo reflective_artic_fox | Hammond Junior School C
    20 Sep 2020

    Question 1:
    I would describe the word power as a word that can have multiple meanings. It can mean supiority over others, in education or money. It can also mean being wealthy, although wealth doesn't necessarily always concern money. You can also have power witout realising it! For example, if you were receiving the oncoming support from one or more person, you would have some power over them.
    b: An example of power would be that someone or something looks up to you as their rightful leader. Another one could be that you are very rich compared to others, whether it be in money or expertise. Then you would technically be more then just a part of the nation, and it could be that you would be well-respected and treated with dignity.
    c: A world without power can be possible, but there are also some reasons why it can not. With no power, there will be no one to lead and to advise. Power could hold us together, as well as break us apart. It can make us see a way forwards, and someone or something in the lead will hopefully treat everyone nicely. However, you can argue that it can be that we would be without power, and everyone would be equal.
    d: I think that it is fair that some people have more power than others, as long as they treat them as if equals. In the end, someone is always there who is more powerful than someone else, but as I have already said, power doesn't have to be only popular, but it could be brains or wealth.

    Question 2:
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE MOST: People's respect. If the public fully support you and you're admired for whatever reason, then you should have gained the people's respect and should have an at least mild idea what it is like in the shoes of responsibility. Obtaining this would build your trust and others trusting you.
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE SECOND MOST: Good ideas. Good ideas would be extremely beneficial, especially in political reasons. With good ideas, you can boost the world to yours and others' needs. For example, a good idea could be to make a good idea that is welcome to the people your have superiority over. These can give your citizens a happy accommodations and about anything else that would be good for your country.
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE THIRD MOST: Lots of money. Money would encourage many people to vote for you, as you can afford things that could boost their area of expertise. For example, someone could be worried about the environment, and you would be able to afford something that can boosten the economy at large. In order to fit the trend, however, you must actually want it to be done. To be wealthy you could be wealthy beforehand, or your role as one of the most important men (or women) in the world.
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE THIRD LEAST: Your age. You age wouln't be of most importance, yet it should be acknowledged. Youthful people would probably not have as much experience as elders, yet they would be able to tell what it would be like to be youthful in the power of the president and would recall it more precisely. However, elders could find it difficult to remember these moments but would most likely have more experience.
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE SECOND LEAST: Where you are from. I know that there is a certain resriction on your age, and you have to be born in America to be its president, but none of these concern power necessarily. In truth, if you have enough power, you might even be able to avoid all these laws! If you are from a completely different place, however, it is possible that you would not be taken seriously.
    ADDS YOUR POWER THE LEAST: Powerful friends. Having powerful friends would actually make it more difficult to be the President! For one thing, they could receive more support towards their friends then you, and your 'friend' could make life really difficult for you to gain the support of the civilians of America instead of your 'friend'.
    b. An example something that can make you powerful and a good leader would be good ideas.
    c. A powerful leader that is not necessarily good could be President Trump. He has promised some things and have broken them. A good leader who is also powerful could be President Kennedy. He led the Space race and has been an inspiration to us all.
    d. Having powerful friends could make it difficult to gain more power, for reasons I have already explained.

    Question 3:
    1. 44
    2. Lower
    3. Higher
    4. Lower
    5. Higher
    6. Higher
    7. Higher
    8. Lower
    Most of the presidents so far are:
    • Male
    • A lawyer
    • Christian
    • White
    • Are around 55 years old.
    The type of people to be president should be an experienced person, with undeniable skill in tight cases and phenomenal reflexes regarding unusual events.

    Question 4:
    a. Being wealthy or educated would give you an advantage as it would mean that you would find it much easier to debate and other political targets. In the case of power, it is very llikely that they will recieve support from the civilians, as their features would have hopefully proved them as a respectable candidate.
    b. Someone who would never be able to bcome a candidate would be someone that doesn't fit in the trend. For example, it could be someone who was born in a totally differet country, or someone who has never been to America, or someone who is younger than 35. Or all of them! A person that is unllikely to ever become president but could would be someone who doesn't fit the criteria but a very powerful person. They may be able to avoid the rules due to their extreme superiority.
    c. In my opinion, the criteria is not fair, as what if someone was born somewhere else, but ever since their birth they moved to America, and it is the only place they can remember? And what if they proved to be exeptional at everything regarding politics? It should read: Have been in America since at most 2 years old. However, the other criteria seem reasonable, yet I would still change the 'have lived there for at least fourteen years' to become at least 8 years. The last one is very fair, as you would need to be experienced to be the President.

    Question 5:
    They do both fit the trend, regarding age and at least one degree. In my opinion, Biden would be a better leader, based on his past jobs and his education. However, I have no idea whether he would prove as mistrustful as Trump has been so far. Having two bachelor's degrees is quite an achievement, nevertheless. For me, Donald Trump is more powerful than Mister Biden, as his wealth is more than 100,000 times that of Biden's, and he has a very rich job, as a TV star. I do not think that everyone will be happy to pick between these two candidates, as they both have slight flaws. For Vice-president Biden, it would be his wealth. And for President Trump, it would be his personality and education.

    Thank you for reading my comment!

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