Session 5 final piece

1. How do elections make a presidential candidate powerful?

Elections make a presidential candidate powerful because if they are voted, they would not only have power of one of the largest countries with a mammoth population but also have an impact on other countries around the globe.

2. How do elections make the people powerful?

Elections make people powerful because everyone, unless they're under age or have a criminal record, have a right to vote and every vote counts even if it is only a small percent of the total.

3. How do some people in society have more power than others to become president?

Some people might have more power than others to become president if they come from some of the criteria needed to become president, such as being born in America and if they have lived in America for over 14 years. Other things, such as being male or Christian can have an impact.

Why do some people feel their vote is less powerful than others?

What might happen if people didn’t vote?

What have you heard in the news about the American election over the last few weeks which has influenced your thinking on this issue?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg comfortable_chemistry | Michael Faraday School
    18 Oct 2020

    I enjoyed reading this post, clever_nectarine! I've been surprised to learn that being Christian can effect your chances at becoming president. According to the Pew Research Center, "two-thirds of Americans have said it's important for the president of the United States to have strong religious convictions", which was something I had never thought about before.
    I agree that religion plays an important factor in determining whether or not a candidate wins the election. I can see from my own research that "53% of white Christians would prefer Trump to be the president". Curious about this, I've found that Trump identifies as Presbyterian, which is linked to Protestantism. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is Catholic. I am quite confused because from the statistics, it says more people would vote for Trump than Biden, but aren't they both religious? Why do people favour the other when they have both been public about their beliefs?
    I'd like to hear your input on my questions - thanks for opening my eyes to more issues on this topic!


    Links from my research:

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  • Hammond School logo clever_nectarine | Hammond Junior School C
    21 Oct 2020

    I am so sorry this is half finished

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