Report on an American citizen

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Reporter: Hi , can you tell me a little bit about your self?

Citizen:Hello, I'm Olivia Coral I'm 35 years old and im a lifeguard.

Reporter:How do you feel about tomorrows election?

Citizen:I feel nervous because I don't know if the person that I voted for is going to win .I'm also excited to see who wins the spot for president.

Reporter:How powerful do you think your vote is?

Citizen:I don't think it's very powerful because some countreies only are worth only a small amount but I all so think it's powerful because it's my say and what I think who I want to vot for.

Reporter:Why should people vote tomorrow?

Citizen:I think they should vote tomorrow because if they vote tomorrow they can put in the voting system who they want to vote for and they can have a say so it would be democracy.

Reporter:What do you think about the voting system?

Citizen:I think it's good because it wouldn't be fair if everyone put the same thing as their vote.

Reporter:O.K thank you for sharing your opinion.

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