President election

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my character

name: Bradly Smith

age: 39

Occupation: pizza fezz

what matters to you in the upcoming election: global warming

how many electoral votes in the state you live in worth: 55

how does your state usually vote: swing state

how do you plan to vote for: Joe Biden

Could you be presedent your self one day: maybe


can you tell me about your self: I’m Bradly Smith I’m 39 and I work at pizza fezz

how do you feel about tomorrow‘s election: exited this is my first time

Why should people vote tomorrow: posibly a new president

how powerful do you think your vote is: I think my vote is powerful because vote represents 55 election votes

can you explain why some people might not vote: because peo might not be 18 and some

people might not be interested

What about the presidency would you ever run president and why: yes because I think I will make a good job at it

how do you feel about the voting system in America: unfair and confusing some states have more votes than overs

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