people and there jobs

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people and there jobs

People care about there job , but not all the time. They might just want the money or they are excited f0r something, or they care about presants and want to be rich.But lets teech them kids and adults...

lets teach them

As some people just care about money and want to be rich, its not like that.So money is to help you in life so you can buy food and clothes but some people want to be rich and not share the moeny with poor who cant atually buy food to eat, or dont even have a house.Jobs help you and there ar lots of jobs in the work, but sadly they could be taken away from us for robots.

can robots take our jons[automation]

robots can take our jobs, but only some. They cant be a...

  • teacher
  • hairdresser

[those are the one i know]and many more...

If robots take our jobs, they could teach us to not work togethere, we wont have friendship and we wont get the money we worked for.

This could chaneg our lifes in the futer...

thank you for reading


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