My presentation on the upcoming election

Hero US Election

Hello, I'm Hannah Smith. I'm 28 years old, I have a boyfriend and 2 kids. I am a Exotic Vet and Irun my own Vetery Centre. I am nervous for tommorrows election because I don't think Donald Trumpo deserves to be President. He is unfair and just not the sort of leader we need for our country. Some people might not vote because they are unable or because there are pros and cons for both of them so it's just a too hard decision to make. I am voting for Joe Biden because he is fair and a much better leader than Donald Trump. I think the Democrat system is very unfair because if you live in a state worth only 3 points your vote is less powerful than if you live in a state with 34. I wouldn't run for President because it is way to much stress and I love my job as a Veteranarian. I think my vote is pretty powerful because every vote can make a huge difference.

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