My opinion on the American Election


Hello I’m Jesica and I am 24 and I am a single mother of 2 children.

I feel nervous because the person I vote for might not win the election and I really want who I voted for to win.I also feel exited to hear who won and if the person I voted for win.

I think people should vote because there giving their opinion on who they want to run their country and who they want to make new rules in their life.

I think my vote isn’t very powerful because the person I vote might lose and my vote wouldn’t really matter because they lost and I voted for them.

People might not vote because they are under 18 or don’t know how to vote or how the voting system works.

I would run for the interests president because I want to help people with all their interests and see if I could help them maybe to get rid of that thing maybe bugging them out of their mind.

I think personally that the American voting system is unfair because some states are worth only maybe 3 electoral votes and that is very low so that wouldn’t really change alot but some states are worth 12 and that probably would change things but not a lot of things.

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