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Hiya there I am bright_drawing and this is my final post.

Hello my name is Ali Barber Scrooge-Potucks. I'm 74 years of age and my occupation is a caretaker; thats how I got the name scrooge from. Mmhh tomorrows election, how do I feel about it... Elevated is the right word! I know Trump has the win easily beacause, he and his wife tested positive for covid and his 14 year old son. So everyone should vote for him whats there to loose? About people not voting. If you don't vote then I think you are a silly person, if you dont vote you should have a good reason such as, your under the age of 18 and if your an ex fellon thats two and the only two. These are silly reasons:

  • You dont know who to vote for
  • They find both candidates annoying
  • They have work and after they'll be tired

These esxcuses are babyish!!!!

If no one votes tomorrow I dont even want to think about that, the country would follow the same restricions of South Korea, and we all know nobody and I mean nobody wants that!

I dont think my vote is powerful I know it's powerful. I'm speaking about my electoral vote the not the popular vote that dont matter to me because my electoral vote is 55 get in there! I feel it's fair because my electoral vote is powerful but if it was 3 or 15 I would complain day or night their would be a big hubbub, I would not go to bed!

Would I run for president? I could but I would most definitely not because Trump is like a twin to me we are both 74 and by running for president that would ruing the twin code.

You've heard it from me bye bye now.


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