My interview with a voter

Hero US Election

Interviewer: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Voter: Hello my name is Katie Green, I am a mother of two and I am 40 years old and i am a teacher.

Interviewer: How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

Voter: I feel excited because there could be chance of a change of president's. I am also a bit nervous because the person who I don't want might get in and bad desicions could be made.

Interviewer: Why should people vote tomorrow?

Voter: I think people should vote tomorrow because people in North Korea aren't allowed to vote so I don't think people should waste their vote. I understand if people are finding it difficult on who to vote for because you want to make the rigjht desicion because that person will be running your country for quite a while.

Interviewer: How powerful do you think your vote is?

Voter: I don't think my vote is very powerful because the state that I live in is only worth 15 electoral votes so my vote doesnt really make much of an impact in the overall result.

Interviewer: Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Voter: Some people might not vote because they aren't old enough. They also might not vote because they are in prison and they can't. They also might not vote because their state isn't eorth many electoral votes so it doesn't really make much of a difference if they don't vote.

Interviewer: What about the presidency. Would you ever run for president? Why?

Voter: I would run for president if I could but I can't because i wasn't born in America. If I could run for president I would give lots of money towards education,as i am a teacher, and would help with climate change. If I could run for president I would be very nervous because i would be thwe first woman.

Interviewer: How do you feel about the voting system in America?

Voter: I don't really like the American voting system because there is not really any point in the popularity vote because the the overall winner is based on how many votes they get on the electoral vote. With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Hillary got more votes on the popularity vote but Donlad got more votes on the electoral votes but he still won.

Interviewer: Who would you vote for and why?

Voter: In my opinion i would vote for Joe Biden because he has a lot of good ideas for climate change and education. They are both very rude to each other like when I watched them having the debate and they were being very rude to each other but i desided to ignore that and vote based on their ideas.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

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