my finel piece

Featured Image US Election 2

hi I am steadfast_date and this is my finel piece

name: mike waski

occupation/Job: youtber

what maters to you In the up coming election : Donald does not win

how many elcshall votes is your state worth: 16

how does your state usley vote: democresy

who you plan to vote for joe Biden

how powerful do you think your vote is

not powerful---------------------------------X-----------------------------------------very powerful

can you tell us a bit about you : hello my name is mike waski I am 30 years old

how do you fell about tomorrow's election:exited

can you explain why some people might not vote: because there not intrested

how full do you think your vote is: not that powerful because thiers Millions of people that have voted but I can still vote

why should people vote tommorow: to get there saying

how do you feel about voting system in America: i think the democresy is fair and unfair becouse you cant do much with your vote

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