My final piece, Interview with a voter.

Hero US Election

This is my final piece for he issue of the American election.

Interviewer: Hello, may you tell me a bit about yourself?

V0ter: Hi, I'm vibrant_anteater, I'm 32 years old, I am a primary school teacher and I am a mother of three children.

Interviewer: Wonderful! Can you tell me how you feel about tommorows election?

Voter: I'm feeling quite nervous because I'm not a huge fan of either of the candidates running for president and I'd rather not have anyone of them as president. However, I do think it will be good to get a new president as I'm not too fond of the current one.

Interviewer: Good answer, why do you think people should vote in the election?

Voter: I think that people should vote because some don't get the chance to vote so if you get the chance then I think you should definetly vote.

Interveiwer: Ok, now I would like you to answer, how powerful do you think your vote is?

Voter: I think that my vote is quite powerful because I live in a swing state and my state's electoral votes are worth 55 electoral votes. In my opinion, that could change the whole result!

Interviewer: Ok, good answer, now answer me, why do you think that some people might not vote?

Voter: I think that some people might not vote because they either can't because of their age, can't get to a voting pole or maybe they aren't happy or satisfied with the choices so they decide not to vote.

Interveiwer: What about the presidency, would you ever want to run for president?

Voter: I don't think I would want to put myself forwards to become president because I'm a female and not many people would vote for me. I also think it would be a huge responsibility and I don't know if I could handle the pressure. I also know I wouldn't stand a chance against rich and powerful men and it would be humiliating to loose. Therefore, I wouldn't.

Interviwer: Great answers so far, my last question for you is how do you feel about the voting system in America?

Voter: I think the voting system in America is complicated and unfair. This is because of electoral votes, I don't see why some states should be worth more or less than another. I also think that it is unfair because in 2016, Hillary Clinton, the other candidate for president, recieved more indavidual votes than Donald Trump but because of electoral votes, Donald Trump won.

Interviewer: What amazing answers from you vibrant_anteater! I agree with the way you think, especially the way you think about the voting system in America. Well thank you for your tim. It's been a pleasure to meet you, bye!

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