My final piece, Interview with a voter.

Interviewer : Hello can youn tell me a bit about your self ?

Me : HelloI am Lilly and i am 18 years old , my occupation is horse riding . The things that matter to me in the election is climate change and animals .

Interveiwer : How do you feel about the up coming election ?

Me: I feel very excited about the election because it could change America to an amazing countary! I am very conifident because i live in a big state ; L.A. so we have about 55 electrical votes.

Interveiwer: Why should some people vote ?

Me: Some people might vote because it is a big day for America and votes can be very powerfull if u live in a big state like L.A. or Texus you have a lot of electrical votes .

Interveiwer: How powerfull would you say your vote is ?

Me : I would say my vote is very powerfull beacuse as i said i live in a big state .

Interveiwer: Can you tell me why some people might not vote?

Me: Some people might not vote because;there citizenship, there accsability , electrical votes, and to be honest some people might not be intrested .

Interveiwer : What about presidancy . Would you ever run for presidant? Why?

Me: No i would not because i would like to have my own life and it is a very powerfull countary! Plus I am to young .

Interveiwer : How do you feel about the voting system in America ?

Me: Well to be honest some parts of it is fair like: if you are not born in America you are not aloud to run America . I dont find it fair that if you have a crimanal ebut youy can run for presidant ! In my opion you should not be able to vote or run fort presidant .

Interveiwer: Thank you!

Me: Toodles!

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