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Hello this is the news and today we will be asking George here some questions.

George can you tell us some stuff about you? Hello I'm Goerge I'm 29 years old and live in Texas with my wife and two kids,my job is a PE couch and in my spear time I play badminton.

How do you feel about the election tomorrow? I feel nevous as anyone could win and it could go right or wrong I am voting for Joe Biden as he is going to help education way more which will help my job and make my kids have better education and Biden has been safer wearing masks to Donald Trump not.

Why would some people not vote? Some people won't as they are not interested in who wins this election but some can't vote as they are to young or not a citizan of America some think there vote does not count.

Do you think youre vote is powerful? No because if over half the population voted for Trump all the people that voted for Biden the vote did not count at all and I will affect all our lives.

Should people vote? Yes as it decides who will lead are future and who makes the decisions that will change America forever.

Would you ever run for president? No as I would have to give up alot of things I love and have less time for family and friends.

Do you think voting is fair? No as if most people voted for Joe Biden and people who voted for Trump there vote would be nothing. They should spilt the Electral votes.


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