My final piece!!

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My character:

Name: Lizzy Camberley.

Age: 24.

Occupation: Nurse.

What matters about the

upcoming election:

The education and the better

for my children.

Electoral votes state is worth:


How does your state usally vote:

Swing state.

Who would you plan to vote for:

Joe Biden.

Ciuld yourself be president one day:


Power points:


Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hello I am, Lizzy Camberley, I am 24, I am a nurse, I have a husband and three children, I live in Texas.

How do you fell about tomorrow's election?

I fell excited and nervous because it's a big day and I can't wait to see who is president, they are both pretty decent men. I fell nervous because as well it's a big day, it will be probably be rembered for a long while.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

People should vote because it's the countries future. Also last Election around 138 million people voted although it seems a lot nearly 56% did not vote.

How powerful do you think your votes worth?

I think my vote is not that powerfull because, I live in a massive state and I only get to vote one and one vote doesn't change the whole election!

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

Some people might not understand and they might not think it is important.

What about presidency.Would you ever run for president? Why?

I wouldn't run for president because I am not that wealthy that means I won't make a difference. People might not respect me and it's a big role!

How do you feel about the voting about the system in America?

I think the democratic system is okay because it is good to let states vote but it is not the best because not everyone respects each others opinion!

My opinion about should voting matter:

I think it does, because everyone should get to decide wh they want to lead their country. Other than oh this person is the president and none agrees!!

By willing_radio!!

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