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Hope you enjoy my final piece

Hello my name is Mikel cross ,I am 49 years old and I work as a teacher.

What matters to you in the upcoming election?

This election matters because I am a teacher I do not get paid well and Joe bideon is paying 2 million dollars to schools , he has my vote but if Donald Trump wins he will probally want to get rid off schools.

How many electoral votes is your state worth?

My state is worth 8 electoral votes that is why I vote every election (quite high up the scale I think. )

How does your state usually vote?

my state usally votes democrat party (and democrat party is Joe bideon.)

who do you plan to vote for?

Joe Bideon because he is paying schools 2 million pounds s we can have a supply of equipment for the kids to have fun with so they don’t always have to do boring lessons.

How powerful do you feel your state is?


thank you for reading my post I hoped you enjoyed it I am being rushed though so I could not write my best but I guess I tried so yet again thank you for reading helpful_sparrows final post and have a nice day!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!

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