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Hello I'm wondrous_drum and this is my final piece.

Name: James

Age :46

Occupation: teacher

What matters about this election?: Education

How many electoral votes is the state votes you live in worth?: 15 points

How does your state usually vote?: swing state

Who do you plan to vote for?: Joe Biden

Could you be president one day?:Yes

How powerful do you think your vote is ?: _________x_____

Can you tell me a bit about yourself ?

Hello I'm James and I am 46 ,I work for a school in Florida because I live there. In my spare time , I like to play a fair bit if American football.

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I am feeling quite excited and nervous at the same time because I think that Joe Biden is the only candidate for the job. I think this because he plans to make teachers get paid more ,want to give schools more resources and plans a $750 billion plan to give student better education .Also I want my child Rob to have some of the best education.

Can you explain why people might not vote?

Citzens of America might not vote because of the lack of intrest . This might be simply they simply find it too complicated . They also might not know a lot about the election to want to vote . Or some people can't due to the age of something else .

How powerful do you think your vote is ?

I think that my vote is quite powerful because I live in a swing state . I think that out of 10 of how powerful my voted I think it is 7 out of 10 .

Why should people vote tomorrow ?

I think that people should vote tomorrow they don't have to do but I think it is important and people have the right to be heard or have there say. Also I think that the country could do with some change starting by knocking down the wall. Also even if your side does not win do not come away drepressed and know that your voice was heard .

Would you run for president?

I am perfectly able to run for president but I wouldn't like to do it because i'm not the BIGGEST fan of politics and I would find it to stressful.

How do you feel about the voting system in America ?

I think that the voting system is not fair and confusing because if you have more votes than the other person it will not matter because the other person could get me points than the person .Also it is confusing because you have to do votes and points.


I think people should vote as it is very important to have a say and have the right to make a choice .

Thank for reading!

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