My citizen's opinion on the American Election

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Name: Cherry Bradley

Age: 35

Job/ occupation: Software worker

What matters to you most about the election?

That everyone gets their say in who to vote for.

How many electoral points is your state worth?

My state is worth 29 points in the electoral college; Florida.

How does your state usually vote?

The state that I live in is a swing state.

Who do you plan to vote for?

I plan to vote for Joe Biden because he is planning to put more money into education.

How powerful do you think your vote will be?

I think it will be pretty powerful, since I live in a swing state, maybe half will go for Trump and the other half go for Biden. Who knows which candidate will win in our state. This is a scale with how powerful I think my vote will be (I have put the "x" where I think how powerful my vote will be)

(not powerful)__________________x__________________(powerful)

How do you feel about tommorrow's election?

I feel excited and worried,

  • 1, because I want my vote to win (worried)
  • and 2, because this sanario has BIG suspense (excited)

Can you explain why some people won't vote?

Most people don't vote because they are underaged, or the electoral college puts them off or they are just not interested.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

That they will make a change to the votes already submitted (maybe it will have a different result altogether).

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think that the voting system in America is unfair and it is confusing (VERY). There are strict rules and it's unfair that the popular vote means nothing at all, the electoral votes are the only thing that counts, because if 5,000,000 people voted one person, and 9,000,000 people voted the other person, those numbers don't count, in the states, whoever voted one candidate more than another, your opponent would win all of the electoral points and left you with nothing. It will make a change with that system though, so it would be easier to get the results for the new President then using up your hard work and delicate time on counting up singular votes.

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