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Hello Im decisive_redcurrant and Im writing my final piece. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment anything you liked about it. THANK YOU!!

Name: Addison Manner Wilson

Age: 26 years old

Occupation: year 7 teacher

What matters to you in the upcoming election???

The votes are the things that concern me in the upcoming election and in my opinion it really unfair that they have electoral votes they should just have popular votes so its easier !!!

How many electoral votes is the state you live in worth???

15 electoral votes that a fair amout!

How does your state usually vote???

Democrat forever!!!

Who do you plan on voting as president???

Joe Biden because I think he will make a very good president and i'll come into more detail later why he is a good president!!

Could you become president one day???

NO even if I had the chance i wouldn't!!!

How powerful do you think your vote is???

NOT POWERFUL------------x------------------------------------POWERFUL

Could you tell me a bit about yourself pls?????

Hi, Im Addison Wilson and I'm a teacher. I teach 28 children that are in year 7 to be honest it a very stressful job some of the kids just don't listen they just mess about, putting chewing gum under my chair!!

And I'm also 26 years old and a mother of 1 child. Its really stressful you know really!!!

I'm planning on making a machine that will stop children from being silly!! It works great on my child!

How do you feel about tomorrows election could you tell us your opinions????

Well yes to be honest I don't really care because I know how im going to pick and I'm not a persont that swing states because I'm a person who's straight forward person. Plus it not really me responsibility for others to vote. But for the people that would want some advice frm me all my advice is I think you should vote because this is your only chnace to vote and this determines who will rn your country!!

So I think you should vote!!! Don't let that chnace fly peeps DON'T!!

Can you explain why some people might not vote tomorrow??

Uummmm.. maybe because there either an Ex felon, Under the age limit which is 18 or over and they are a non American citizen. Now the first rule


I find this rule very unfair and fair in a way because if your an Ex felon you might of changed being in jail you might of thought about life and changed during your jail visit you might of even been wrongly accused of doing something that YOU NEVER DID. So what I thinkthey should is maybe If the Ex felons have learnt there leason and have really thought about what they did in the past they can vote. You get what I mean

How powerful do you think your vote is???

Really To be fair my vote isn't really as poweful compared to a politicans vote. Obviously there votes would be more higher then mine but I dont really care you know.

Why do you think people should vote tomorrow???

Ummm because as I sad oerallyou going to vote who will run your country. All I want to say is that your vote counts and listen to what anybody else says just go with what your heart says and make sure you firm with it. Even if t takes over a week or a day let it just make sure you go with what your heart says and dont listen to what anybody else says because it can be FAKE NEWS!!!!

How do you feel about the Voting System in America ansd is it a good voting system???

To be honest I find the voting system in America very STUPID and DUMB.

First of I find the electoral votes really annoying and really stupid because in 2016 we could of had a change for America we could of had a new start but we didnt>

You know why because of the electoral votes and if your wondering what happend her it is.

Basically we had 2 candidates as usual Hilly Clinton and Donlad Trump after counting all the popular votes Hillary Clinton won but thenb it came to the electoral votes.

Sadly, Hillary Clinton won but the sad aspect is that that how elections work and that how it gotta be so yeah.

This is the end oif my interview but do you agree with me????

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