My American Interview

Hero US Election

Q: Hi can you tell me a bit about your self?

A: Hello my name is Mia and I love kids,the environment I am 41 and I am also a ict teacher.

Q: How do you feel about tomorrows election?

A: I feel nervous because if Donald Trump wins, education will be dull and he doesn’t care about the environment.(I am going to vote for Joe Biden.)

Q: Can you explain why some people don’t vote?

A: Most of the time is age like a 15 year old cannot vote and some people are just lazy or they don’t trust both candidates.

Q: How powerful do you think your vote is?

A: I think my vote is a bit powerfull and my state is 25 electrial votes.

Q: Why should people vote tomorrow?

A: because the more people that vote the more interesting.

Q: How do you think the voting system in America?

A:Unfair and confusing.

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