My American election

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my Character:

name: Jordy Shigson


occupation:zoo Keeper

what matters to you in the upcoming election?

if Donald trump wins then he will carry on building the wall and i don’t like that

How many electoral votes is the state you live in worth?


how does your state usually vote?


who do you plan to vote For?

joe Biden

could you be president yourself one day?


how powerful do you think your vote is?


interviewer:can you tell me a bit about yourself

jordy: hi I’m jordy shigson and I’m a taxi driver

interviwer:how do you feel about tomorrow’s election?

jordy:I feel nervous because if Donald wins he will carry on building the wall and I don’t want that to happen

interviwer:can you explain why some people might not vote?

jordy:maybe because they feel like there vote doesn’t count but every vote matters

interviwer:how powerful do you think your vote is?

jordy:I think my vote is kind of in the middle because electoral votes are more

interviewer:why should people vote tomorrow?

jordy: people should vote tomorrow because every vote counts

interviewer:what about presidency. Would you ever run for president?why?

jordy: I wouldn’t because you need to go to a very good school and mine weren’t very good

interviewer: how do you feel about the voting system in America?

jordy:I think the electoral votes make The citizen votes less important because Donald only won on electoral and that makes the citizen votes less important

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