My American Election Interview

Hello I’m Amy, I’m 22 and I’m a vet. I feel nervous about the election because I am a vet so I want the president to care for wildlife. I think people should vote tomorrow as all votes are powerful and it will make a change. I think my vote is very powerful although I’m not sure as my state is swing state so it could go either way. Some people might not vote because they might not think their vote counts, they might not know who to vote for or they might feel that they would offend someone. I wouldn’t run for president as I don’t originally come from America I come from England. I also wouldn’t like to be president as that would be a lot of responsibility and power that I wouldn’t like to deal with. I think the democratic system is unfair as every place has different electoral votes and some people don’t think their vote is powerful enough and don’t vote, but their vote could depend on who becomes president. I think that they should make everyone that is old enough vote although there are some downsides to that as well like they don’t have time or don’t know who to choose.

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