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Hi! I'm good_raisin and you'll be reading my final piece and first post . This is about my created character's American citizen's interview.

Name: Sydney Julian

Age: 21

Occupation: Fashion Designer

What matters to you in the upcoming election?: Less racism and more people treating people with different races equally

How many electoral votes is your the state worth?: 55

How does your state usually vote?: Swing state

Who do you plan to vote for?: Joe Biden

Could you be president yourself one day?: No

Power points! How powerful do you feel my vote is? Put an x on the scale:

Not powerful_______________________________________X______Very powerful

I see an interviewer coming my way:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hello my name is Sydney Julian , I'm twenty one years old and I'm a fashion designer in Florida .

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I feel exited and quite powerful because I'm really curious about who will win and what will happen in the future because there will be a very big change if Biden wins . Donald isn't doing that much about covid nineteen so hopefully he will do something about this if he wins the election , if Biden wins he will hopefully make a change since Donald teased Biden for wearing a mask or teasing him for being safe and actually taking covid seriously . Donald already caught covid and he's still taking it as a joke! Donald is a racist person which will never get tired of the same gender and skin colour , he even has a white old man as a vice president , as for Biden , he has a black woman for a vice president which is very different to Donald's. I really hope Donald can change , Biden can make a difference to America if he wants to help us.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

People should vote because it'll make a very big change to America and what will happen to all of us in the future . But some people won't want to vote because they don't feel powerful and think that their vote won't make a change so they don't bother voting , some people don't vote because they're sick of all their policies the presidents are making and don't even do them anyway!The reasons people vote that president is because of their policies and people really believe that the candidate will do their policy , that is a reason why people vote them, not to see them not doing the thing they wanted and voted them for!Many people are under eighteen , which is a common reason not to vote , but some people are just apathetic and don't really care about political "stuff".

How powerful do you think your vote is?

I think my vote is quite powerful because of how many electoral votes my state is it might be a swing state ,which will be quite harder to know who will win in my state , but there is still hope . Some people are extremely powerful and will make a HUGE change once they vote and everyone else in their state will, but some people don't bother voting.

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

People might not want to vote because they are under eighteen years old , as you may know , citizens under eighteen cannot vote . Another reason they might not vote is because they are apathetic , another way of saying this is political apathy , meaning they don't show any serious behaviour towards a subject which in this case is politics. They might not be interested in Politics , or maybe they weren't born in America and haven't lived there for at least fourteen years and aren't an American citizen.But then again if their state isn't worth many electoral votes it will make them feel brought down and think they're are less powerful than others.

What about the presidency. Would you ever run for president? Why?

I wouldn't run for president for many reasons. First of all , I'm not wealthy, yes I do have a couple of thousand dollars but compared to Donald's and Biden's money I'm nothing like them. Donald has an estimate of two point five billion dollars and Biden has around one point eight billion dollars , money has a lot to do with running for president. Money makes people powerful , makes us want to vote for them and people will pay a lot of respect to them, I have some money but not even close to Donald and Joe's amount. Secondly , I am a fashion designer. A fashion designer like me didn't go to university and get a good degree for political science , I got a degree for math which is NOTHING like political science and will not bring me anywhere to be a president. I can't handle the stress of being a president , too much anxiety for me ,and I cannot speak in front of THOUSANDS of people without messing up a word or a whole sentence and I will definately HATE being on camera twenty four seven . Thirdly , I am not over thirty-five or thirty-five , I'm fourteen years younger than that , I'm twenty-one years old . I will have to wait many years to be able to become a presidental candidate . Lastly , I'm not interested of being a president , I never dreamt of standing in front of a crowd and speaking confidently without doing anything strange or messing up a word or 2 which will embarrass me and probably make me want to run off the stage and never want to show my face again or turn up anytime soon , or whatever I say will amke me turn me red or pink .

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think that the democratic system is very fair! Us American citizens can vote who they think is best out of the presidental candidates and will make America a better environment for other people , if America wasn't a democracy , we wouldn't be who we are today. We would be cold-hearted people who wouldn't care about anyone or anything and forget any important events because of the rules the president we didn't want to chose , and couldn't vote , has given us. A democratic voting system is very easy and simple to understand , just put a cross next to the president you want to vote , and then you're done! But again , people don't vote because of how little their state is worth this makes the people in that state think it isn't fair. I couldn't imagine how horrible it would be without a democracy and how unpowerful and useless people will feel, it's way better to be in a democratic country than the president being chosen without us American citizens deciding who we want our leader and how we want our future to be and feel horrible for where we are and who we are today. But in my opinion , some people ruin the great feeling of being in a democracy . There are people that vote the most common choices and don't care what their policies are , white old men . They always pick the same person every time and never want the other option , they don't want a black woman nor do they want a white woman. Some people are tired of the same choices and want to change their president to a white woman , a younger white or black man or an older or younger black woman. I want a different president to be in charge of America and lead us to our futures , all this history about America has our past presidents . Who are they? White old men. Me and other American citizens want a change and believe that America can change and be a better place other than United states of America with 50 state, we can be more than that and I believe that.

That is the end of my final piece! I hope you enjoyed reading!

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