My American citizens Interview

Hero US Election

Hello my name is clever_volcane and this is my Interview




Q:Can you tell us a little bit about yourself

A:Hi I'm Libby I am 20 and a vet I love the climate I'm also a democratic

Q:How do you feel about tomorrow's election

A:I feel worried because if Joe Biden doesn't win Donald trump will win and continue building the wall he will also lock all people who come from countries most people are Muslims.

Q:Can you explain why some people might not vote?

A: some people might not vote because they might not be old enough to vote also some people don't vote because they don't think it will count because there state is not worth a lot of point.

Q:How powerfull do you think your vote is?

A:Not very powerful because there are lots of people in my state (Alibma) and I'm only one person but it might still count tho.

Q:Why should people vote to?

A:I think people should vote because if they love the climate they should vote for Joe Biden but if they don't and they are rasist they should vote for Donald Trump but it not my choice if they should vote or not it's up to them really.

Q:How do you feel about the vot system in America?

A:I think its confusing because you have to vot but your vote does not matter only your state points matter.

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