My American Citizens Election!!!

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Name: Ashley Wood

Age: 24

Occupation: Used to be a lawyer for 2 years is now an interior designer.

What matters to you in the presidential election? Economy and Education

How many electoral points is your state worth? 15

How does your state usually vote? It's a swing state

Who are you voting for? Joe Biden

Could you be president yourself one day? Yes


INTERVIEWER: Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

ASHLEY: Hi!!! I'm like Ashley Wood I'm like 24 and like I used to be a lawyer for like 2 years, now I'm like an interior designer. I'm like absolutley love Harry Potter and like for your info I'm like in Slytherin. Anyway I'm like voting for Joe Biden and cause he is concerned about the economy, education and stuff so ye like that's me !!!! Oh and by the way I'm from Florida, Orlando. Wait a minute I'm on the news... i like need to tell my friends... Hang on'texts her friends'

INTERVIEWER: Ok maybe you over told us some information?! How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

ASHLEY: 'looks up from the screen'I kinda feel excited cause like I'm looking forward to see like the person who wins so ye!!

INTERVIEWER: Can you explain why some people might not vote?

ASHLEY: Hmm... Well some people might like not vote because of like their age cause like they might be too young to like vote.. Another reason could be like because they either can't have like access to like a polling station cause it's too far away or some citizens just might like just not like be intrested in voting because they might not like either of like the contestants or the person is from a safe state meaning that like they might not think like that their vote like actually counts, which like I mean is ridiculous cause their vote could end a draw and every vote does count even if it's like from a swing state or like a safe state.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you, so Ashley do you think that your vote is powerful?

ASHLEY: Oh that's hard to say.... Well like it depends, I mean as like I'm from and live in Florida, it's like a swing state and like Joe Biden and Donald Trump will have to like convince me and my state to vote for them but like I don't care if Donald Trump persuades us as like he is a complete cow, like a nincampoop actually and like I am definetley voting for Joe Biden, like he may not be the best at things but like he is going to be the best president America has like ever had, that like is going to be my final decision. Anyway like my states votes are like going to be nearly the most important of all cause like we are a swing state. All the population in the safe states are like most certaintly going to choose one over the over cause that's what they nearly all ways do. If one person does choose... let's like say the Democratic party like cause they like Joe Bidens point of view more. But like they came from a state that nearly always chooses the Rebublican party, their vote really won't count because like the majority wins and like I think that that is like totally unfair!

INTERVIEWER: Wow Wood you really had a lot to say, and you most certainly feel confident about your decision. So another question I'm curious about is why people should vote tomorrow?

I accidently did some questions the wrong way round up until now, I hope you can forgive me, I tried hard I will do the 'Why should people vote tomorrow?' and then go back on track.😅

ASHLEY: K, like people should vote like tomorow cause like their vote could change America, and the future president could like I don't know, could change policies or like other things. I mean I really can't predict who will be president but I can like take part in like the voting; so anyway I can't like be the... the decider can I? Every president is going to do something good, somethings wrong and like some things that could change America forever.

INTERVIEWER: What about presidency. Would you ever run for President? Why?

ASHLEY: Just to confirm, I would like totally run for president cause I would like be excellent and I'm pretty sure that I can cause like I've lived here for 14 years and like I used to be a lawyer so that will like give a very good chance!!! And like I'm wealthy and everything so ye I would totally run for like president if like there was a space!!!

INTERVIEWER: How do you feel about America's voting system then Ashley?

ASHLEY: So like basically... I HATE THE AMERICAN VOTING SYSTEM... Sorry, It's just totally unfair cause like... Basically Hilary Clinton could have won cause like she literally had more votes people... I mean she would have like won but no the American system means that whichever state she chooses needs to have like high ... points? And so her votes were like basically mostly from the states with lower points.That's like TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!! The American system should like definetley be banned!

INTERVIEWER: Thank you Ashley Wood for taking you time to explain your... emotions and thoughts'Interviewer looks windswept with Ashley's shouting'

Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoy it!!!


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    23 Oct 2020

    Thanks for this Final Piece, awesome_tiger, the first one up from your school! It sets a good example for length, and you certainly stay in character throughout (we hope they learn to use the word 'like' less in future, especially if they used to be a lawyer). Can you tell us why specifically they would vote for Joe Biden? Why is what he talks about important for your character?

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  • Allerton-logo-250x250.jpg awesome_tiger | Allerton High School
    06 Nov 2020

    Thank you!!! My character would vote for Joe Biden because he said that he would improve things like universities,schools and education, this is because if Ashley ever has children they might be able to have excellent education. Another reason is because she just hates Donald Trump because he is mean,rude ,racist and Joe Biden had much better ideas. Lastly, Donald Trump has already had a chance to improve America and become President, he hasn't really done any good so Ashley thinks that Joe should be given a chance!


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