My American citezen's interview.

Hero US Election

Hello my name is genius_fox

Q:Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

A: I am Dave JR, I am 32 and I am a teacher for a living.

Q:How do you feel about tommorrow's election?

A:I feel happy because I get to see the President.

Q: Can you explain why some people may not vote?

A: Theye may not vote because there not interested because Theye think it won't matter but it is life changing.

Q: How powerful do you think your vote is?

A:I think my vote is powerful because it is life changing.

Q:Why should people vote tommorrow?

A: Theye should vote tomm because of change.

Q: How do you think the voting system is in America?

A: I think the democratic system is confusing and not easy because it matters about the electrical votes not the normal votes.

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