My Amarican citizens interview

Hi im consistent_bell and I hope you enjoy my post.

citezens name:Harry

citezens age:35

citezens occupation:lawyer

what maters to my citizen about the Amarican election:what they do with education

the states that my citizen lives in is worth 55 electoral votes

the state my citizen lives in is a swing state

who my citizen is voting for in the Amarican election:Joe Biden

can my citizen be a presedent:no

how powerful my citizens vote is:

-------------------------------x-----------------------------------very powerful



"Can you tell me a bit about yoursel? "

"Hi my name is Harry and I'm a 35 year old man with a wife called Britney and tow children called Mike and Richerd.My occupation is a lawyer and I'm from Texes."

"How do you feel about the tomorrows election?"

"I feel nervous because if my candidate isn't chosen it might change for my children and for there education."

"Why should people vote tomorrow?"

People should vote tomorrow because we live in a democracy and we should vote so we have a good life."

"How powerful do you think your vote is?"

"I think my vote is not powerful because there is approximately about 325.2million people living in Amarica and I'm only 1 person out of millions of people."

"Can you explain why some people may not vote ?"

"Some people may not vote because they might not be interested or they don't like both candidates."

"What about presidency.Would you ever run for president?why?"

"I wouldn't run for president because it's too much hard work and I love my family and I grab every chance I can get to spend time with them."

"How do you feel about the voting system in Amarica?"

"I think the voting system is fair because everyone gets to vote so it is fair."


I would defiantly vote because we should vote so we have a leader.But I don't live in Amarica nor I am old inuf but if I was an Amarican citizen I would defiantly vote.

Thank you for reading my post hope you enjoyed it.

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