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Hello, I'm reflective_artic_fox and these are my answers for session 6. I decided not to use it as a comment since it is a little to long for one, so I hope that is okay. I now also realise that it is quite latein the issue, and I'm not sure whether it would be approved.

Question 1: How did you use each of the news-literacy skills during this Issue: speaking, listening, creativity and problem-solving?

Answer: The most common use of these were the competitions, which were varied across different skills. However, they were all used intermittenly across my writing. For speaking, that was used in class, when doing the many sessions. I used speaking also as the foundation for my final piece character. This was used when we were also interviewing each other as a class, and had to demonstrate who we were being. In the case of the BNC hub, I've been using more writing and commenting on other comments and posts. I listened in class, and also when watching the expert's expert responses to our questions. On the hub, I read through various articles, and listening gives you the ability of understanding, and also knowledge. We can't know everything, but listening to other's opinions and facts would be a lot more better than just remainingly stubbornly sat in your own beliefs. My creativity was tested when doing the final piece, and also the current competition (#8– A Call for Courtesy!) For the competition, you had to make an advertisement, in which was testing all the values of BNC, but this one in particular. And in the final piece, you had to decide the features of your character and invent a response to an interview (although with guidelines). You had to put yourself in you character's situation and imitate them, instead of you. Creativity is even used in question 6 of this very post! This is quite a useful skill, in my opinion, as it helps build your understanding not only about the charater, but what the character is saying and why. That eventually builds on the topic and how you respond to that using different views and expressions to be more open-minded. I used problem-solving quite a lot in the sessions when claiming whether something was or wasn't something. It was also used quite frequently in the "competitions" category and I think that this would be a really important skill for the future. In fact, all of them are.

Question 2: Which of these skills is the most important for a president to have?

Answer: All the skills would be very important to have, and here are their reasons: Speaking. For a president, speeches would be the motivation for their support. This even applies to prime ministers, since Winston Churchill's speeches were very influential during the time of crisis. Speaking also builds up confidence in a way. Listening. If you listen, you earn more, and learn more. It gives you a much more apt understanding of other's behaviours and beliefs. It is very useful for a president as they would need to listen for ideas, although should not copy. You would also probably find your opponents' weak points. Creativity. You need to be very creative when you are trying to convince your audience, and creativity is essential when thinking of ways to put out messages. An example of this is Hillary Clinton's speech about 'cracks in the glass' during her campaign. Even though she didn't get the job, her message was a good example of this. Problem-solving. This is also very important for an election since nearly anything could happen. What if a complete catastrophe occurs and everyone is looking up to you? You need to be able to prevent these sort of things if you are president. I think that Problem-solving is the most important skill, since you should be a good president, and one that cares for both the country and the environment.

Question 3: What would you ask an expert on this topic?

Answer: I would like to ask an expert, 'do you think that the claims (e.g Trump's accusation of voting by mail) given by the candidates are true?' I would like to know this because these views could lead people voting for a reason that might actually not be a proper reason. I would also like to know for a fact whether these are just the results of candidates becoming desperate. I would also like to ask that 'if this is the case, why do you think they said this?' I have asked this since I am not fully sure about what was their aim when doing these.'

Question 4: What do you think about the electoral system in America? Why?

Answer: I don't not think that this is fair, as although quite sensible, the system does not send a message called "fairness and equality" withinn its debts. The system doesn't let those countries that even had a really close call between the candidate chosen. This also doesn't give every state privileges such as being able to change the outcome entirely. Some states like Montana, only have 3 electoral votes in contrast to others, like California, have 55! Another thing is the candidates. If one loses, they might not take it very well and this could make them more reckless and angry with the other opponent, reducing their chance of becoming president.

Question 5: How are your opinions about the American electoral system similar or different to other people you have spoken to?

My opinions on it are quite similar, as from my perspective my class doesn't think that it is fair, although honestly I cannot speak for all of them. This makes my views quite parallel to others. However, there are probably more than one person who thinks that the system is fair, as in America they'll look at the system and regard it as a daily life event as they probably have known it all their life.

Question 6: Do you have any other ideas about how America could choose their president?

I think that there should be a system in which corrects all the incorrect things that people are saying and also gives people a chance to be heard. I also think that all the states should have the same amount of points. Posting by mail should be more open to the states, as there are some case such as in session 4 the person '6' couldn't manage to get into the polling station. Even if this is fictional, it introduces a great debt of changes.

Extra: Who does your class want to win in the 2020 election? Why?

I think that most of my class wants Biden to win, since he is very earnest about solving the environmental issues, and after a actual BNC issue on climate change I felt that something had to be done. Trump, on the other hand, isn't very eager to solve this crisis, and wants to focus on things such as 'building a wall in America'. Joe Biden also introduces a great deal more education than before, and although wants to raise taxes, I think that he is a more suitable candidate.

Thank you for reading my post!

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