Joe Biden vs Donald Trump American Election my thoughts

Hero US Election

my name is James clementson i am worried about the election because i would be a bit angry if Donald trump won but i would be more then happy if Joe won.I think people should vote because every vote counts and i am going to vote because my vote counts as 55 votes and that makes a big differnce to the election. i would like Joe Biden to win because he would boost schools and help nature animals and he would also he people who are less fortinuate. I like Joe because he cares about offer people and not his self.

I think Donald Trump would have a low chance of staying leader because he is a type of person who cares about hiself and not diffrent people. Donald Trump is not a very smart person because he thinks if you put hand sanitise into your body it would keep you clean and safe.But really it would just poisen you and ruin tour digestive system.

I think it would be very close the election because Donald trump is very popular but not very smart and Joe is not very popular but very smart.

So this is how i think the election will go bye ;]

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