Is this year's American election going to be the most important in history?

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Hello! It's emotional _night typing this post and it's all about how important the upcoming american presidential election. It is going to be part realisic pretend interveiw and part balenced argument on the subject I have chosen... hope you enjoy!!

The interveiw part:

An interveiwer walks up to my made-up character asking to start an interveiw, my character says yes so they start-

it goes like this:

Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Cedric Cunnings and I'm a single buisness worker with one son. I'm going to be 32 inJanuary - the start of a wonderful new year!

How are you feeling about the upcoming election?

I'm feeling alright , by that I mean that I'm not woried about it because I personaly don't achualy mind who get in as I'm

just a business worker with one child.

How important do you think this year's is election going to be?

Oh, I think this year's presidential election in America is going to be very important because of coronavirus (covid-19).

The virus is very infecting loads of people, killing thousands. And it is also very important because of black lives matter and the racism and people getting offended.

The Balenced Argument Part:

Yes this is the most important election in history

Yes this is the most important election in history because coronavirus needs sorting out on so does black lives matter riots too. If these two things don't get sorted out soon they could leave a dent in America for ever.

No this is not the most important election in history

No this is not the most important election in history because it is just another election like any other that has happened in history it's not too important because only the same things happen in every election every four years.

My Opinion

I think that it is quite important because coronavirus is a really big problem in America and it also a worldwide pandemic and mabye if America fix their part there will be less people with COVID(-19) so the chances or catching it will be smaller so it is almost made less contagous.

Thank you for reading my post...

emotional_night XXX

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    23 Oct 2020

    Thank you for balancing the debate with both sides here, emotional_night. Who do you think is in a better position to deal with racism in the USA - Donald Trump or Joe Biden? It's also worth remembering that the coronavirus cannot be made less contagious (as this is how easy it spreads), but the spread can be limited by following guidance such as social-distancing, facemasks and handwashing.

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  • Hammond School logo emotional_night | Hammond Junior School F
    23 Oct 2020

    I think that Joe Biden is in a better position to deal with racism in the USA .
    Thank You for replying Quickly

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