Is the electoral college fair??

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Hello I am poetic passionfruit and in this post I am going to be discussing wether the electoral college is fair or not. First of all what is the electoral college? The electoral college is were each state votes as if they are a country and all those points get added up. For example if 1/3 of Texas vote for Donald trump then the rest of them vote for Joe biden then Joe would win all of the electoral votes because he won the majority of the votes in that state. But each states electoral votes are different. Texas which has the largest population has the electoral votes of 38 so Joe Biden would have won those 38 points. Rhod island has an electoral vote of 4 because they're population is much smaller. Do you think that this is fair?

No this is not fair

In 2016 Hillary Clinton had 2million more people voting for her than Donald trump but trump won the electoral votes 302 to 237. The reasons that the founding fathers created the electoral college is no longer relevant. Modern technology allows the voters to make decisions that have not been foreseen by the founding fathers. Some people argue that the electoral college gives to much power to the swing states. But the main probalem that people see is that it ignores the people's opinions. It groups the people together and if everyone else doesn't agree then you than your vote is almost ignored.

This is fair

As well as a few people say that it isn't fair many people believe that it is and here is a few reasons why. The electoral college makes sure that every state in america is involved in voting for the president. If the election is based on a solid vote then the candidates could limit the campaigns. And finally it guaranties certainty to the outcome of the electoral votes.

Thank you for reading my post I would love to see your opinions in the comments:)

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