How people vote

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How people vote

👩🏼I voted for the one I like because the over president is mean!

👩🏻‍🦰I voted for him beacuase he would let me make people to hear my voice

👧🏻I voted for her because mummy likes it and she's a girl and i like girls,not boys

👵🏻I voted for him because I liked him for a long time and I believe in him

👨🏻‍🦰I voted for her because she fair and most people voted for her

My oppinion

I think that to vote who is a better leader, not who you like, not who got the votes,who your friend voted for, but the better leader beacuse if you vote 🗳 for somone who you like, he might not let you for the people to your voice.If you vote for the person who is a better leader and who you believe in goodly, they will give you good opationaty to do stuff and they will let you make the people listen to you voice.In the future because of your good leader your dream might come true but you have to believe in your leader or they won't believe in you.In school 🏫 we talk together and desscuss about what happens in the America election and the voting.We played a game (one team was Donald Trump and the over team was Boris Jonin,we had a number and if we rolled the dice 🎲 one the number we would get to pick a country and we get some votes like some had some numbers and of course we pick the big numbers.Who ever got the most points ,over 70 or 80 would win )Donald Trump won but it was still a fair game and we still had fun.


I also think you should be over 18 to vote because if you were about 5 and you vote 🗳 whoever because you don't really read and understand how you really need to do it but if you were over 18 you would read what to do and really understand what to do .Under 18 also might be a bit silly because they still don't understand.

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