How to get started on the Hub

Welcome to the Hub! You might have been on the Hub last year or be totally new. You're all very welcome and we hope you really enjoy using it.

In the video below, Olivia explains how to get started on the Hub. It's short and very useful - so make sure you watch it all!

Video not working? Download a written guide to the Hub here.

A few other things...

  • We don't approve A-Z's as they do not give us much to comment on. So why not think of a new and interesting question that will get other students on the Hub thinking?
  • Our first topic is the American election, so please keep all posts and comments to this! We will not be approving contributions about anything else. Learn more about the latest on the Coronavirus here.
  • Wondering why your post wasn't published or have another question? Read Frequently Asked Questions here.
  • We cannot approve posts or comments until your teacher has returned a form to us at the start of the year - so if your contribution is still awaiting approval, this may be why!
  • We welcome volunteers from accounting company KPMG to the Hub. They'll be joining the discussion and asking you questions to help push your thinking!

Finally, if your question has not been covered on this page, in the FAQ, or in the comments below, then pop it in the comments section below and we'll get back to you.

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