How can the election affect the world?

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Hello we are reflective_artic_fox and protective_dusk, and we are going to discuss "How can the election effect the world in general?"

Protective_dusk's opinion:

In my opinion the election can effect the world because it is well known, and I imagine some people will vote. The news for the American Election has been on the TV, on the radio, and even just people telling each other publicl! Also, it can effect America itself! After the debates Trump and Biden have been quite rude, and people might not want to vote anymore. This could effect the election results.

Reflective_artic_fox's opinion:

My opinion is that the election does affect the world at large as it has a significant impact on the way the world is treated. As the president can be an extremely influential person, many will follow-or oppose- the current one. Whatever the results, some people will still feel as if they are right and who they support are the best. Even if they can't vote! The case can also be that they do not want to vote at all as both candidates are not ones they would agree with.

The American Election can affect the world, and here are some suggestions we have made:

1. It can affect America- I imagine the whole of the country would know about it, so the news would spread rapidly.

2. If a candidate got chosed, and some people might not like that new president, so there might be protest.

3. The American Election might affect Coronavirus rules. If people in the world see the two candidates not obeying Covid-19 rules, they might start to do the same, and it would make the virus even more deadlier as people are not following the rules.

4. It could make the reporters of the news get more money, because there is more to talk about on a specific subject.

We hope this might of helped you, and we are looking forward to seeing your amazing opinions and comments down below.

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  • Hammond School logo thankful_tornado | Hammond Junior School C
    22 Oct 2020

    I think the election can change the world because the president is one of the world's most powerful person in the world so it would change the world. A lot of people can chose to try for president but only if they are 35 or older, born in Amerca and have lived in America for 14 years or longer. Once someone has filmed the "audition" from prison so they definitely don't need a clean record. So in my opinion the election definitely can affect the world- you never know how good or bad at their job they are until they get elected.

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  • Hammond School logo protective_dusk | Hammond Junior School C
    22 Oct 2020

    Hi BNC! I just want to say that reflective_artic_fox also did this post with me. We did a joint post. Thank you!

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