Hello there,I’m intrepid_forest and this is my final piece.

Featured Image US Election 8

My name-Min yoongi


occupation- rapper also plays piano.

about me:hello I’m Min Yoongi,I love rapping and I play the piano.

how do you feel about tomorrow’s election?: I feel a bit bored and so curious because I’m just bored waiting and I want it to be done and im curious because who knows it might be trump or Biden but we will have to wait

why should people vote tomorrow?: I don’t think that you have to vote but I would be happy if people did vote.

how powerful do you think your vote is?: I don’t really think it makes a difference but I think it can be quite powerful.

can you explain why some people might not vote?: some people might not vote because they are young people or they might not believe in this stuff like voting and they might not be interested.

what about the presidency. Would you ever run for president?Why?: no because it will stress me out and I’m making a band and I don’t need anymore stress.

how do you feel about the voting system in America?I think the democratic system is fair and easy so I prefer it.

who do you plan to vote for?: I’m planning to vote for joe Biden because he is way fair he won’t ban the stuff the the kids love I want kids to grow up educated and happy in this world I hope you feel the same And if you don’t that is your opinion but please let these children grow up safe and welcome bye.

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