Hello my name is neat_bee and this is my final piece.

Featured Image US Election 10

My character is called Johney and my age is 18.My Joe to get money is building.

I think i will do the right decision.My state has 45 votes so I think I will have a good vote.i think you should vote tomorrow because if donald Trump gets it he will make bad ideas for America.

My interview

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Hello, Iam Johnny and I work as a builder. I am going to vote for Joe Biden. I live in Texas which is a swing state.

How do you feel about tomorrow's vote?

I feel nervous because if I choose the wrong vote for tomorrows election it could be bad for the country.

How powerful do you think your vote is?

I think my vote is going to be powerful because in My county it has alot of electoral votes.

Not powerful __________________________________X__powerful

Why should people vote tomorrow?

People should vote tomorrow because if the people vote for the wrong elecorial votes the country could be under srudle so if people vote tomorrow we could do the right vote.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

I think the democratic system is unfair because everybody didn't get to vote for there choice.

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