Has Trump's handling COVID-19 been succesful?

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Trump is at the White House after four days of hospital treatment having tested positive for the virus. The tweet quotes: '' flu season,just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!". Twitter hid the same message behind a warning about "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information". Both social media platforms removed misleading information (This is the second time that Facebook has deleted a post from the president. Twitter has intervened more often with deletions and warnings). As stated, "We remove incorrect information about the severity of Covid-19, and have now removed this post," said Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook. However, reference to a law that says social networks are not responsible for the content posted by their users, but it allows the firms to engage in "good-Samaritan blocking", including the removal of content they judge to be offensive, harassment or violent. ''Pressure has been mounting on Facebook and Twitter to do more to tackle misinformation both about the pandemic and the US election. For that reason, their decisive action on Trump's recent post promoting false claims about the severity of coronavirus will be welcomed.'' Quotes Marianna Spring. People are questioning whether what he did was appropriate to quote on a social media platform in general. ''That said, Trump's comments about the flu - and those yesterday saying "Don't be afraid of Covid" - have already started to fuel conspiracy theories online.'' (Marianna Spring) With that said, people are already taking this and making more 'fuel to the flames'. Posts in pro-Trump and anti-mask Facebook groups have shared the comments with captions about the pandemic not being real, or not very serious. They have also used it to encourage others not to follow health guidance like wearing a mask or social distancing. This endangers people around them and abusing the rules about COVID-19. Early on in the pandemic, the BBC investigated the human cost of misinformation, including those who fell seriously ill because social media posts led them to doubt the reality or severity of the pandemic and ignore advice. The hope will be that this action from social media sites could reduce the risk of that happening - but those who may have already been exposed to this false information could be impacted, and all eyes will be on social media sites to see if they keep up this approach to tackling disinformation - coronavirus, political or otherwise - especially from the US Election candidates as polling day nears.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    14 Oct 2020

    You've brought in lots of evidence here to support your points, lucky_blackcurrant. Well done! What's the strongest piece of evidence you've seen to say whether Donald Trump has handled it well / or not?

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  • Hammond School logo reserved_mode | Hammond Junior School B
    15 Oct 2020

    No trumps handling of covid has not been so successful

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      reserved_mode's comment 15 Oct 2020

      Can you say why?

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  • Cheam Park logo committed_black_bear | Cheam Park Farm Primary
    15 Oct 2020

    He is not handling it well because people are not wearing masks and are not social distancing ,he is not following the guidance so his country wont either,that is why he caught corona-virus!!! He is not handling it well.

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  • Cheam Park logo fulfilled_rock | Cheam Park Farm Primary
    15 Oct 2020

    he is only following his own rules to do with this pandemic even though he is vunerable.

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_cymbals | Hammond Junior School C
    15 Oct 2020

    What an interesting post you have produced lucky_blackcurrant.
    I don’t think that Donald Trump has handled COVID-19 very well because at the start he seemed very laid back. He was acting like it was just a bad case of the flu but it was much worse than that. He started off by saying that America wasn’t going to have any cases of Covid and it was all going to be fine. Then America started to get really bad with Covid and Donald Trump said that they should inject everybody with disinfectants because he thought it was going to stop people from catching Covid. People might think that he was just joking but I don’t think that it was a very good time to be joking around like that when we were in a global pandemic.

    Finally Donald Trump caught coronavirus but instead of self isolating he decided to get in a car and wave to fans with somebody else driving the car.
    I don’t think Donald Trump dealed with coronavirus ver well at all.
    Thank you for reading.

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