Good luck to the both candidates

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Hello im decisive_redcurrant and this is my post on the AMerican election.

As were coming to an end on the American election alll I want to say is good luck to the both candidates that are running to become president of America.

In my opinion, If I was an American citizen I would vote because vote is a choice but you might want to take that opitunity seriously as that is your only time to vote.

In some countries you have to vote by force they force you to vote for a pasific candidate which in my point of view is beyond disrespectful and a dictatorship which is not right.

I dont wanna go into to much detail but this is just not right!!!

Secondly, I would vote for Joe Biden not because I think oh he a good man no Because I believe he is more democarticlly smarter them Trump and Trump aproch to (coronavirus) is poor in handling coronavirus is not good and his personality is questionable because im my opinion all he cares about is the money but Joe in my opinion is the opisite I fell like he will make America great again and make America a better place trhen now.

Thirdly, If I had no clue on who to vote forI wouldn't ask for advice because they could be telling me fake news or thing that are not true about one candidate even f it takle me lng to decide who I vote I will let it take long till I know who im firm with to vote, till my heart says yes!! This is my advice to you Ifyou would be in this potision and remember dot vote one candidiate because you heard that there bad no everyone has done bad thing so yes this is my advice.

This is all I've got but I just want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me on the hub Even YOU!!

I've learnt alot from this subject and be willing to learn more about this.

Thank you for reading.


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