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Hello I am Aron, I am a builder and I am 29 years old. I feel happy about the election because we might get a new president to fix the old presidents mistakes. People should vote to make a change to Amarica/State. Everyones vote is a big difference because the more votes, the more powerful they are. Some people may not vote because of there age or they may not be intrested. I would run for president because I would be wealthy and I would be in power. The democratic system is fair because it is powerful and easy as pie. I am going to vote for Joe Biden because I personly do not like Donald Trump as president as he alows guns and no Covid-19 social distancing and insted throw massive conserts and parties, howerver, Joe Biden may or may not fix these mistakes made by Trump. If you are old enough to vote, please vote to make a change to the great Amarica and to stand agenst the president Donald Trump.

FUN FACT.) Did you know that Trump wants to rase taxes and Joe wants to lower them.

FUN FACT.) Joe wants to reduse covid-19 by puting a multi- milloin dolar plan to rase population in Amarica.


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