Finale Piece : The interview

Hero US Election

Hi everybody , my name is authentic_earth, and I will finally be doing my final piece .

Can you tell me about yourself?

Hi, good afternoon, I am Harmony Stevens, I am a twenty six year old lifeguard. I live with my fiance in a small but cosy, two bedroom apartment. My home town and were I grew up is Utah, with my mom and older brother. Last year my interest started for politics, since before I found it really boring and conflictive. I have actually never voted for a candidate myself, so I have never had that experience in my life. It all started when I was reading a news article and I got sucked into the politics and got more and more intrigued.

How do you feel about tomorrow's election?

I feel really intrigued in who will win tomorrow's election. I hope that the candidate that I'm rooting for (Donald Trump) will win . Also, hopefully there is less arguments ,fights and protests on the street because it is pretty irritating. All of the Police is trying to manage the fights etc. but still. I don't hate Joe Biden; I just disagree to more of his policies, compared to Donald Trump. I like that he wants the wall down because I have lots of Mexican friends , so it makes me really upset seeing the wall being built , it just makes me think what I would feel in that person's shoes. On the other side, I like that Donald Trump wants to have more products to be created in America, and wants to make trades with China and strengthen the rules, etc. So I pretty much just voted what my ancestors have voted for throught the years .

Can you explain why some people might not vote?

In my opinion some people might not vote, because they don't think that their vote is very powerful because of our voting system, which some people think is really not fair. I totally understand, the people that think this because I think this too . Also, the majority don't believe in politics and are tired of all the lies . This applies to the swing states, some people are having a very difficult decision in what candidate to choose; you can also hear lots of gossip about this. In my opinion,this year has been really difficult for everyone to choose, because we all have heard lots of lies about each candidate so, we just don't know who to believe; let's not talk about fake news!

How powerful do you think your vote is?

As well as other people, I don't think that my vote is very powerful, because at the end of the day, it all depends on the electoral vote and which state you are in. For example, our state Tennessee is only worth 11 electoral votes compared to Texas , they have 38. If the government were honest enough to recognise each individual vote then, they would be more powerful, but because of the lack of honesty votes are not worthfull. Through our votes we show our trust within our candidates.

Why should people vote tomorrow?

People should vote tomorrow because they agree with the candidate's policies and they wish to change the future of our country.

How do you feel about the voting system in America?

Some people will agree with me that there should be no electoral vote , just popular. This is like what happened in the previous election , democrats won the popular vote , but just because of the electoral vote republican's won. So I don't think it's a fair system.

What about the presidency? Would you ever run for president? Why?

I actually would never run for president. 1. I am not 35 and 2. it is so trouble - making , confusing and you just have take on a really big responsibility. I just can't understand how Donald Trump and joe Biden can do this big of a role. I know some people can find them really annoying, but have you ever had empathy or tried to understand them? Walk in their shoes once before judging. So as an overall no, I would not run for president as it is a wearing job.

Yours truthfully,

Harmony Stevens.

Thanks for reading


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