Hero US Election

Hello my name is Anglica Haynes and i am 18 years old,i am a single with no kids and im looking for a job in America.I feel really nevrous for the election becasue no one knows who will win or who will lose for the elections.Some poeple might not vote because since they might be lazy or might not have a car and casue the virus is up taxis and bususes and trains but not be avaible for public transport.My vote may be powerfull since it could change something baout the elections this year,and if my vgote wont be as powerfull over poeple could change something about this world in America.Aswell my vote may be powerful for my countries electorial votes.Poeple should vote becasue there vote may change something if they really want to make this person wing or this person to win but some people may not beleive it.If i had the chance to run for president after only i get into college and universtiy.I hope Joe Bieden wins becasause he might change the country and lower taxes and make schools better! And i think that the votes Where i live (America) is really unair since they are too voting stages ,electoral votes and normal votes is realy unfair since some place only have 2 electoral votes in the State and some like texas have 36 or 58 electoral votes.

I really hope Joe Biden will win and change some poeples future.

Thank your for understanding me.

Have a nice day.

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