Final piece

Hi my name is Larry , I am 23 years old and I live in a flat and my job is a doctor.

For tomorrows election I'm wondering what could happen It could go one way or another, personally my vote is for Biden because he plans to help with education in schools, help climate change and knock down the wall keeping countries from travelling from where most Muslins are from.

Why I think people should vote tomorrow is because some people used to not be aloud to vote including all women but some people under 18 aren't aloud to vote because they're to young to.

I don't think that my vote is as powerful as others but it still counts as everyone else's does, however u could be rich or famous or be more powerful which could make your vote worth more.

Some people would not vote because they are under the age or the don have a citizenship and to have a citizenship u would of needed to of been born in America or lived there for at least 40 years. Some other people might not have access but others just choose not to.

In my opinion I wouldn't ever run for presidant because its a lot to handle, you can get hate, you would've had to have a good past life such as politician, vice presidant or famous

How I feel that the voting system in America is fair but sometimes not, it can seem unfair when another gets more votes sometimes they use bribery or share bad information about the other and sometimes the information can be untrue

My opinion on voting is that people should vote unless their under age other people who maybe famous,celebrity or in where you may live this can sometimes give you an advatage in having a more important vote but I think that all the votes should be worth the same so that it I should fair.

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