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Hello what is your name?

My name is Max and I am 16 years old

Ok Max how do you feel about the ellection

I am very nervouse in case Trump get voted because he always lies and is not fair and him building the wall between America a Mexico is very wrong .

Well why should people vote tomorrow ?

If people don't vote because they think there vote isn't important and if evryone thinks that nothing with get done and no one will vote and all of their voices can be heard

How much pwer do u think your vote is?

i believe that every vote is pwer ful but celebraties can pay extra for there vote I think with exta money so I think my vote is 50 present powerful .

Why do think some people might the not vote tomorrow ?

Well link I said people may not vote because they think there vote won't change a thing and that is doesn't mean anything or they might not be able to they may be sick might be going o work or they live of the streets and they are not aloud to vote .

Ok now you have talked about the votes and how they are effected and how powerful they are now tell me would you ever run for president and why?

I would not run for president because I would not want have all that wait of my shoulders and everything is up to me although it would be fun.

How do u feel abou the voting system in America ?

I do not aggree with the voting system in America because every state should have the same amounts of votes .

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